• Participating Teams

    Below you can find a few of the projects participating in the Versus Virus Incubation program


    NOSH ROCKS is a learning co to inspire you to find fabulous food which rocks your mind, body and soul.

    Converting nutritional data to information to understand what is in our food, impact on our bodies and how, practically, to make a permanent positive change.

    Fuelling innovation with the comfort of junk food, delicious gourmet taste and the Impact of superfood to boost your super brain, your super body and your amazing soul.

    Team: Rowana Statham

    Website: https://www.noshrocks.com


    Buddy2Buddy connects people in the neighborhood based on their needs and abilities. It takes over coordination function with its business logics and matches people nearby and locally. Easy, scalable, adjustable and multilingual it is available for you to check out on Android and iOS.

    Team: Stefan Burckhardt, Coordinator Love Europe App; Dipl. Kultur-Ing. ETH, Pascal Alius, Student in Media & History; Jasmin Burckhardt, Apprentice Geomatics; Francis Grashuis, App Development; Julian van Heek, App Developer; Luca da Silva, Media Content Producer; Terence Joseph, Intercultural Coach

    Website: www.love-europe.org/buddy2buddy


    Veertly is a video platform to make your online events and workshops more interactive and engaging for the attendees. Our vision is to foster meaningful connections in a virtual world.

    Team: Alexander Spahn, Joao Aguiam, Harish Rana, Celina Shen, Michael Schreier. More info can be found here.

    Website: https://www.veertly.com/


    With the CompetencePool we enable entrepreneurial spirits by connecting competencies. We provide a matchmaking platform to enable students to gain entrepreneurial competencies & certification and giving Start-ups access to low cost and highly skilled competencies. Only if we train entrepreneurial competencies early enough, we will create a crisis-immune economy.

    Team: Shuldham Peard, Laura Nothstein

    Website: www.competencepool.com


    SpaceMission is an online training for families. It is based on an astronaut training, exercising different skills to be prepared for the life on a space station. The idea is inspired by the similar situation during the corona lockdown but these activities and experiences will be valuable as well in daily family life and help to grow stronger together.

    Team: Susanne Germann, Kerrin Hoeffler , Jonas Gut

    Website: www.spacemission.ch


    We Connect Patients to Healthcare providers in their preferred language in our Virtual Medical Office Suite.


    With BoxMeo we provide a solution to easily disinfect the face masks by using solar energy. It is a hygienic and sustainable method to inactivate COVID-19, allowing the reuse of face masks. Let’s curb the virus together!

    Team: Laura Nothstein, Kurt Nothstein

    Website: https://www.boxmeo.com/


    Small businesses are lying far behind regarding digitization and lack
    knowledge on how to take advantage of the online world.
    We don’t give platform giants like Amazon & Co. the chance to abandon
    small businesses that are - in a collective - a giant force in our Swiss
    Our mission is to enable small businesses in Switzerland to gain online
    visibility and to interact with their customers in the online world.

    Team: Vanessa Stöber, Laura Nothstein, Felix Salomon, Fabian Steiner, Thilo Weghorn

    Website: https://zackigonline.ch/


    Artists of all genres financial lifeblood have been stranded by COVID19.

    Art Hub wants to be part of the solution by connecting artists, audiences and venues via a marketplace for online live performances which will allow artists to easily monetize on their digital content without having 1 million views.

    Art Hub Beta is live but our solution needs greater stability, in terms of technology, to allow artists to charge for events... so join the community of believers by supporting us on Indiegogo!

    Team: Francesco Mochi Sismondi, Fabio Prestijacopo, Erika Pagan, Ilaria Marchese, Borys Bodnar, Ennio Ionni, Alessandro Del Ninno, David Aicardi, Abi O'Loughlin, Olga Tsyba, Sejal Singh, Elia Fulchignoni

    Website: www.arthublive.com


    Our aims:

    Empowering corporates and cities to get the 3R: revenues, rewards and resilience for and thanks to their wastewater.

    Influencing the value of wastewater via a rewarding scheme.

    Attracting investments in the decentralised wastewater value chain.

    Team: Thea Vujanova, Derek Queisser de Stockalper , Nathalie Nguyen Hasler,

    Website: https://www.wastewaterexchange.com