• #VersusVirus Funding

    Please meet the VersusVirus Fund awardees

  • Deadline: Monday, 27th April 2020, 18:00 CEST

    #VersusVirus is supporting projects to further develop and implement their ideas with initial capital up to CHF 20k per project. The #VersusVirus fund encompasses a total of CHF 208k.

    Application requirements

    • Only projects that were developed (partially or fully) during the #VersusVirus Hackathon, with registered team members, will be considered for funding.
    • All #VersusVirus projects are eligible to apply, whether they were part of the highlighted projects or not, or if the solution was uploaded on DevPost or not ,
    • At least one person of the team needs to be based in Switzerland and have a bank account in Switzerland,
    • The solution needs to be developed and implemented in Switzerland,
    • Projects can apply for a funding total of 20k,

    Application process

    • To apply for the fund, please fill out the application form (PDF filled electronically) and send it to funding@versusvirus.ch.
    • You will need to add the URL of a recorded presentation of max. 5 minutes long.
      Please make sure to cover the following topics in your presentation: 
      • Team name and members
      • Vision (why are you doing what you are doing?)
      • Problem (what is the problem/challenge you address? Who has this problem? How big is the problem?)
      • What is the solution you are offering? Who are the beneficiaries of your solution?
      • Implementation Status 
      • Roadmap and timeline 
      • Aspired use of funds
    • Please upload the recorded presentation on a public platform (e.g. accessible Google Drive, Dropbox or your server) and link it in the application form (page 2).