• Building inclusive
    solutions together.

    We are connecting like-minded people and organizations all
    over Switzerland to develop, scale and celebrate solutions
    against the Corona crisis.

  • About Versus Virus

    The first online inclusive ecosystem to tackle the crisis

    Our Ambitions

    Developing and scaling solutions.
    Our collective expertise in building and running ideation, incubation, acceleration and scaling programs, both offline and online, is put into action in order to develop and scale solutions tackling the Covid-19 crisis in Switzerland and beyond.

    Building a new Swiss ecosystem.
    By working together with many different organizations and initiatives all across Switzerland, we aim to build a more inclusive and connected ecosystem from Geneva to St.Gallen and from Basel to Lugano.

    Spreading optimism, not the virus.
    We invite, encourage and motivate everyone in Switzerland to become part of the solution. We work fully online. We create joyful experiences. And we build a movement of positivity amongst thousands of fellow citizens.

    Our Values

    Everything we do is focused around tackling the Covid-19 crisis. This is our shared purpose. We don’t build programs and events for their own sake. We don’t do actionism. If it doesn’t contribute to tackling the crisis, we are not going to do it.

    The digital space brings all of us together and nudges us to transcend our identities tied until now to our physical locations, thereby reminding us we are all the same - humans learning and supporting each other while being connected.

    Everyone is invited. We communicate in multiple languages. We reach out to people who have never used online collaboration tools. We explain what we mean by hackathon or incubator. We are a group of individuals from over 50 organizations and we leave the door open for more to join.


  • The Versus Virus Process

    The journey to make scalable solutions from scratches

    #VersusVirus Incubator

    We run the first country-wide fully online incubation program supporting project teams to develop their ideas and prototypes into viable solutions, initiatives or companies in both the private and the public sector.
    Doing so, we strengthen the Versus Virus Community all across Switzerland.

    #VersusVirus Hackathons

    We create the largest collaborative online event in the history of Switzerland in order to connect engaged citizens to develop ideas and solutions against the crisis.

    And then, we do it again and again to inspire and encourage diverse teams working on all the relevant challenges.

    #VersusVirus Festival

    We organize a Festival when this is all over. We want to celebrate the collective action of people all over Switzerland, provide a stage for many successful solutions, share the learnings and dance social distancing away. This is our celebration when the community can finally meet in person again.

  • Partners

    A huge thank you to all partners of #VersusVirus!

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