• Selection Criteria

    According to these five criteria, our jury team will rate the submitted solutions.

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    1. Relevance for Swiss ecosystem: Even though the participation in the Hackathon is not restricted to Switzerland, the implementation of highlighted projects needs to be planned nationally.
    2. The relevance of the solution in addressing the specific challenge: The solution is addressing the stated problem and is answering the proposed challenge
    3. Potential for impact on the long term: Is this solution feasible? Is it scalable? Transferability potential (how will the solution be applied in practice?)
    4. Progress in the last 48 hours: Projects in different stages of development have been submitted to the Hackathon, however, highlights will be selected among those who made the biggest progress during #versusvirus.
    5. Value-added: We want to make sure that projects are inspired by a collaborative spirit and adding value on each other.

  • Deliverables

    Deadline: Sunday 31st May 18:00 CET

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    1. Pitch-Video: 1-minute video on WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW (MUST)


    Please prepare a 1-minute video describing who’s in your team, the challenge your team is tackling and your solution. If you want to continue your project, you can also describe what your next steps are. You can find a webinar on how to create a short video HERE. The structure of your video could look like this:

    • 10 seconds: who’s in your team
    • 20 seconds: what challenge are you trying to solve and why does it matter
    • 30 seconds: your solution explained and why it’s feasible

    2. Presentation: short presentation of your idea; think of the selection criteria (MUST)


    Please prepare a presentation describing who’s in your team, the challenge your team is tackling, your solution and if you want to continue, what your next steps are. The structure of your presentation could look like this:

    • Slide 1: Project title & challenge name
    • Slide 2: Who’s in your team
    • Slide 3: What challenge are you trying to solve and why does it matter
    • Slide 4: Your solution explained and why it’s feasible
    • Slide 5: Potential next steps and needs to develop the project further
    You could use Google Presentation; Powerpoint or any other programme that is familiar to you.

    3. Any other support material: prototypes, website, application, canvas, photos, ...

    Make sure you keep your deliverables short, simple, structured and clear. You are allowed to submit your material in English, French, German or Italian.

    Thanks to Sophie Conchon / Sketch4Good for the amazing illustrations of our Hackathon!