• Inspiration Panel: Mentoring insights

    Mentoring is key in any Hackathon. Teams will be confronted with various challenges, questions or needs. To support these teams best, we got over 500 mentors signed-up for the VersusVirus Hackathon. The panel of mentors and members of parliament will share some insights, lessons learned and takeaways from this hackathon. We will also dive into some of the most impressive projects, questions or needs mentors came across. Besides, half of the panelists were also involved in other Covid-19 hacks, in Germany, Estonia or Poland.

    Neil Beecroft
    Head of Sustainability Lausanne2020 YouthOlympics
    CEO PuraWorka
    Business Innovation & Sustainability Senior Consultant

    Fritz Seidel
    Co-owner DAY8 - Innovation Advisory


    Antje Krüger
    Change2B, Change Management Consultant, Business Trainer, Agile Coach


    Csila Dalton
    Integral Psychological Counselor


    Gerhard Andrey
    Swiss Parliament, Liip, Alternative Bank Switzerland

    Green Party Switzerland, Gustav Academy



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