• HOW TO pitch your idea

    Why a strong pitch is vital to give a great idea the profile it needs
    How to hone the core information about an idea into a message
    Why the impact of an idea is AS important as the idea itself
    How to get your message as focused as possible: The Who, What, When, Where and Why?

    Jo Filshie Browning
    Jo Browning is the Founder and Managing Director of Filshie Browning Associates (FBA). An expert in science communications, she helps people convey complex messages with clarity, authenticity and impact whether in person or virtually, through a screen.

    She works with senior leaders and CEOs in medicine, health policy and the pharmaceutical industry around the Basel Area, Switzerland and across Europe.
    Her communications skills and training work brings together her experience of being both a journalist and a company spokesperson, with more than 25 years of healthcare PR consulting experience, and is underpinned by an academic interest in her subject.

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