• HOW TO create a concept

    You will leave the ideation phase with many, diverse and courageous ideas. Now it is time to make a decision. And probably that could mean killing your darling. You will learn how to make decisions as a team. You will question your ideas. You will learn how to look at your concepts from a different perspective. To do this, we will provide and show you various techniques and tools that will support you in this process.

    Nadja Müller​

    Co-founder co-co-co


    Nadja holds a B.A. in Interaction Design from Zurich University of Arts. She is a passionate designer located in Zurich working in the field of experience and participatory design. Nadja designs for over 10 years with knowledge in experience design, project management and business administration. She has professional experience in various areas such as in-house, web-agencies and big companies as well as in different cultures. Her goal is to bring the analogue and digital world together into one human experience. She believes in the creative mind of everybody as a key for successful collaboration. With co-co-co we design digital and collaborative formats for the development of innovative results. Problems and questions are developed together to clear and tangible solutions. Thinking through making leads to creativity of all participants, agile processes and an human-centered cultural change. www.co-co-co.org