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Platform with passioned videos for job orientation and personal contact to get answers from individuals and organizations.

Team: Franziska Raabe, Govinda Hiemer, Konrad Brunner, Stephanie Faisal, Ekaterina Dorovskaya, Csilla Dalton, Dan Lemon, Andrada Maier

We need all potentials to overcome crises, especially young people who are not risk group and all people now looking for new opportunities. Education is not working as usual, job orientation measures are not available, but people will leave schools and universities and will change jobs: ~220.000 will leave schools and universities this year in CH, ~1.3 Mio in D; ~60.000 apprenticeships are not offered this year in D (values for CH not available so far)

How to find passion?

We found each other in #wirvsvirus-Hackathon in Germany and got passioned people in this hackathon additionally with the same goals: Inspire and empower potentials.
What it does now and in future

Platform with passioned videos in 60sec and personal contact to individuals and organizations Video platform backend with upload function and watching videos on frontend.