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Distance Playgroup

· Family and Kids

A securised android app where kids (5-10) can play online games with their friends while facing each others through the camera 

Team: Kevin Coppey, Mickaël Puglisi, Alex Berthouzoz, Ludovic Sahraoui, Diogo D'Almeida

Basically our app has the goal of helping kids to have fun during the quarantine in Switzerland. So the original goals of our app was to create several applications (Drawing app, Question-Answers game, Pasting activity) which would be playable online with the help of a token to make it more securised. After researches and surveys, the idea was very needed by a large group of parent and kids from the Hackathon.

With the current state of development, we only achieved to create the database for the users, make them log in the app and create the drawing activity with the possibility to have 1 camera switched on. With more time, it would be clearly possible to create something better !