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· Family and Kids

A program, inspired by trainings for astronauts before going to space to help families to cope better with the situation during the corona crisis

Team: Jack Dick, Jonas Gut, Kerrin Hoeffler

Inspired by the training for Astronauts to live in small spaces we started to develop a training for families. In a 3-week program they get different inputs to improve the family live.
The aim is to reduce the stress level by better understanding each other needs and get some idea for rules and activities in the family. There will be activities to be done together (e.g."build your own spaceship"), tools (e.g. kanban board), videos about life in space etc. The actives are different according to the age group of the kids. They should as well be able to work alone on topics so that the parents have some time for themselves (or their work).
We would like to see the Spacemission Program go live and to help families to live together. Not only during the corona-crisis but as well in general.