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#VersusStress- a crisis tool for leaders

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Tool for leaders to help them track the stress level of their team

Team: Deniz Demirer, Fabrice Egger, Gözde Duru Aksoy, Goisha Romanowska, Dr. Mayur Dixit, Florian Barbero, Julia van Ditzhuijzen

HR management tool for crisis situations:
In this first prototype, we created a tool for leaders to help them track the stress level of their team.

For all those who are not part of a team using this app, we developed an independant tool.

Our solution alerts higher stress levels amongst the team hence lower immunity, which subsequently increases the risk of getting infected, with following consequences:

Individual members not being in a position to contribute
Teams suffer from absences and decreased efficiency
The leader not able to optimize resources and scheduling
Increase risk of burn-out lack of morale creating a vicious cycle
Our crisis stress self-assessment and reporting tool that has the potential to alert team members and leaders on higher stress levels.

Our user-friendly tool is online which makes it easily accessible with additional features:

Track trends of team’s distress level
Takes less than 2 minutes to complete
Intuitive and easy “yes” / “no” answering format
Easily scalable across sectors and industries in Switzerland (medical, governmental, defense, manufacture etc.)
In addition, our tool can be used beyond the current pandemic in other crisis situations for resource-management to support leadership in better decision-making.