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Dinner Party

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Dinner Party is a platform that connects cooking enthusiasts while having social interaction.

Team: Anna Lena Zhou, Benedikt Hegner, Carolin Kunz, Charlotte Maillard, Christoph Weinzierl, Francesca Sheeka, Hannah Nommé, Igor Beser, Jacques Kenedi, Johannes Teklote, Lucie Haye, Meline Cretegny, Monica Velarde, Robin Cina, Silas Mahler, Stephan Wuerth, Tanja Bauer

Virtual dinner parties. Collaborative learning. Improving skills with the help of professionals. Dinner Party is a platform that facilitates cooking and dining sessions with friends and family and allows participants to be taught by professional chefs without leaving their kitchen.

To plan a Dinner Party, open the app and instantly connect with friends, or other party-goers.
You can keep the Dinner Party simple, but if you want to kick it up a notch and learn new skills, you can ask a professional to give you and your guests a cooking class!
A few days before the class, you'll receive the list of ingredients that are required for the dish you're going to make.