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Prevention of Domestic Violence:

· Protect Risk Groups

A participative solution to provide support to victims of domestic violence due to the confinement in our community.

Team: Clement Jeannet, Marcy Paramonova, Flavia Franzoni, Xoeseko Nyomi, Marie-Charlotte Gasser, Raphael Guichon (mentor), Tanika Bawa, Nicolas Boeckh, Noemie Chatenoud, Sara Cousin, Manish Kumar, Ezgi Arat, Judith Kaiser is a participative solution to provide support to people in need in our community by giving access to the social services ecosystem quickly, easily and safely.

The platform offers emergency numbers, hotlines, shelters by canton and discussion forums with other victims, non-victims and experts. It offers the possibility to access the platform through cooperation with established partners e.g. pharmacies to allow a victim to seek for help outside home.