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Grocery home delivery panic!

· Economic Impact

We created the concept of an online service that connects overburdened online home grocery delivery stores with delivery heroes who want to help their community.

Team: Stéph Cruchon, Eglé Cruchon, Julien Suard, Louise Muhdi, Candy Scarfe, Cyrill Kressibucher, Alessio Rosato, Elizabeth Komaromi, Paul van der Linden

We ask people who have vehicles and time, and want to help their community, to register as delivery heroes. We invite grocery store owners overwhelmed by home delivery orders to register. When they receive an order, we can match them with the right drivers. When a driver accepts a request, the shop owner can prepare the package for the driver to collect. Both shop owners and customers can track their goods between collection and delivery. Our drivers make safe, contactless delivery to the customer, and when they both confirm delivery, the transaction is completed and we’re ready for the next order!