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Elsa hilft digital

· Protect Risk Groups

A centralised management tool to help hotlines track customers and orders, communicating over a Telegram-bot to a platform of volunteers to offer a home delivery service, following recent confinement.

Team: Swe G., Benjamin Müller, Thien-Phuoc Vo, Nicolas Trüssel, Samuel Siebenmann, Alexandra Stritt, Jan Veen

Thanks to EDH, "Hans-Ruedi" can call a hotline to share his shopping list. Using a centralized system, our hotline workers can automatically dispatch the order to our platform of volunteers, using Telegram, which is available to everyone. In this case, our volunteer "Peter" will leverage the chatbot to confirm the order and go out shopping.  Using the same chatbot, "Peter" shares the receipt with our hotline, who is able to cross-check with the original request and inform "Hans-Ruedi" how much cash he should leave "Peter" in the letterbox.  Without physical contact, and remaining safe, "Peter" confirms the end of the transaction, closing the order in our EDH system.