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Dear Switzerland

· After the Crisis

A letter-writing initiative to Switzerland’s post-Covid 19 future

Team: Lorena Perrin, Leana Fischer, Assia Ouanaya, Adrienne Gaboury, Lorenz Jordi

The Covid crisis has challenged our habits and realities from basic daily behaviors to much more profound elements of our lives, like health and financial stability. Covid and the required measures have had a unique impact on each of us.

Our vision with the “Dear Switzerland” initiative is to invite Swiss citizens and residents to share their experiences, learnings, and hopes for the future in the form of a letter.

Participants can complete the letter online via (soon: or download a printable template that can be written on and later uploaded or mailed.

The letters can be written freely or completed following a prompt. With the approval of the contributor, received letters will be added to the online letter catalog and be considered for future publication in a "Dear Switzerland" book.