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A bot using the knowledge of experts to answer instantly questions of the Swiss citizens. “Covidfact” provide 24/7 and up-to-date information to help people get through this crisis with confidence.

Team: Jordane Vernet, Arnaud Dolignon, Damien Pilet, Zhuonan Zhang, Daniele Caputo, Nizar Boussarsar, Ludivine Roux

The Swiss population is living an unprecedent crisis. Citizens are overloaded with information related to COVID-19 and they have many questions without answers… They don’t know on which data source to rely and where to find answers. It is a tiring daily exercise. Similarly the professional of heath, public authorities are overwhelmed with unnecessary support preventing them from focusing on the most urgent cases. 

We created a bot using the knowledge of selected experts to answer all the questions swiss citizens might have during the COVID-19 crisis. “Covidfact” shares information 24/7 and gives up-do-date answers based on trustworthy facts, guidelines and tips to help people get through this crisis with confidence.

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