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Corona Detector App

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App designed for tracking user´s exposure to the Corona Virus and informing about the risks to keep the user as safe as possible.

Team: Andre, Anita, Camila Weinländer, Corinna Rutschi, Dr. Massimo Bosetti, Esteban Finol, Gabrielle G., Joshua Zh, Lavina, Luca Furrer, Luca Rabezzana, Lucco, Marco Parillo, Mariem Belhajali, Martin Kvasina, Mayank Agarwal, Oliver, Oliver Desecures, Rim Chiba, Sergiu Mogan, Stuart Worthington, Tarang Bhalodia, Wiliam, Nik Istrefi

Start your day with a health check-in. Simply tap one of six icons if you're not feeling well. Your response is then scored with a weighting algorithm and tracked in an easy to read chart showing your health over the past 14 days. Then, using your phone’s geolocation and step tracker, the App identifies when you're mostly stationary, such as standing in a queue, waiting at a bus stop or sitting on a train. This anonymized data is then sent to the server for processing. Together with millions of other data points, this data is then plotted on a state of the art database. We're then able to identify overlapping paths and patterns. Using a sophisticated algorithm, a risk score is then calculated for each interaction which is then sent back to your phone to update your Risk Exposure. Using machine learning, we're able to continuously refine the algorithm calculating users’ Risk Exposure, making it even more accurate. By closely monitoring the Risk Status, the users can proactively protect themselves and their loved ones.